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Do you feel overwhelmed by the family court system? Are you feeling stressed about the potential legal cost of pursuing your family law issue? Taking advantage of self-help family law resources available to you can make dealing with family law issues a little bit easier.

Leading Self-Help Family Law Providers

​​The legal system can be confusing, intimidating, and – above all – expensive. For many people, high-priced legal representation is not a realistic option. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Family Court Direct can be an affordable alternative for help with legal services.

Choosing to be Pro Se for your issue? We Can Help

Although having an attorney on your side is preferable, many people have represented themselves in court, this is known as “Pro Se.”  Not all people can afford or access an attorney to represent them in their family law matters. This leads many to an alternative route: self-help family law.

If you choose to proceed in family court as pro se, you don’t have to do it entirely alone. There are resources available to help you prepare. At Family Court Direct, we offer self-help resources designed to increase informed access to the legal system, and by facilitating information and legal document preparation to all people who wish to represent themselves in the family court system, we make self help an option for everyone.

Specialized Self-Help for Legal Proceedings in the Family Court System

Individuals can choose self-help for virtually any type of proceeding in the family law system. The complexity of the individual case, rather than the type of case, is the most important factor in determining whether self-help is the right option.
Family Court Direct provides self-help legal services on the following types of legal proceedings:


Child Custody


Child visitation

Child support
Emergency orders
Paternal rights
Our caring staff is standing by to start helping you immediately. The first step is to gather some basic information. The sooner you start, the faster we can help!


Should I Hire a Family Lawyer or Do It Alone?

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Some parties opt for self-representation when facing the family court system, while others will opt to hire a lawyer. However, not all cases require representation from an attorney. It may be that all you need is document preparation assistance.

When you request an evaluation from Family Court Direct, we’ll gather details about your case, and based on your case, you can decide the level of legal assistance it requires. We provide access to a variety of options, including self-help, limited scope, and full representation services, so you can rest assured that you have access to the legal help you need.

No matter which level of assistance you choose, our network has decades of experience, so you don’t have to learn it for the first time.

Tips for Representing Yourself in Court: How to File a Family Case Without a Lawyer

When you choose to be a pro se litigant in the family law system, there are a few self-help tips that you should know.
Know the Process and Procedure for Your Case
Family Court Direct’s family law self-help resources will help you understand the process ahead. Whether you are represented by an attorney or representing yourself, you must know the court’s rules and procedures prior to entering the courtroom. One helpful tip is to check your local court’s website for any rules and procedures posted to make sure you follow them completely. This will help ensure you are well-prepared on what to do when you take your first step into the courtroom.
Cooperation Is Key!
Whenever possible, always try to be amicable with the other parent or guardian. If children are involved in your divorce, you will eventually need to hammer out a custody and visitation schedule that works for everyone involved. Child support can be part of the plan as well. It’s always helpful if you strive to cultivate a cooperative atmosphere.

All courts, regardless of the state you live in, prefer that parents or partners work out the details themselves. When the parties cannot come to an agreement, the court will get involved in order to protect the best interests of the child. Prior to taking any action, we encourage you to conscientiously and carefully consider your wants, needs, and requirements. Details are crucial, and oversights can be costly.

Be Organized and On Time
The professionals in Family Court Direct’s national network of family law document preparers will have your documents prepared and ready for you so you can get organized before your day in court. Attorneys usually have an organized file with copies of all of their documents, such as the Initial Pleadings and Answer/Response, any Motions that have been filed, and exhibits or evidence needed to prove their side of the case. One helpful tip is to make sticky notes and labels on your documents so you can refer to them while speaking about your case.
Know What You Are Talking About
Breathe, relax, and take your time! Review and read all of your documents several times before you go to court. This will help you to speak about your case and answer any questions about your documents. One helpful tip is to make your own summary page with bullet points for you to refer to while you are talking in court. Take your time and don’t rush so you can make sure you talk about all of the main points of your case.
Know the Steps in Your Case

Family Court Direct’s family law self-help center can help you with resources that will help you understand the process ahead. This will help ensure you are well-prepared on what to do next in case something arises in the court.

Pro Se Checklist to Succeed in Self-Help Family Law

It’s important to know what to expect when facing the family court system. The following is a brief overview of self-help tips before your hearing:

Follow all the rules as any lawyer would. This will include rules of civil procedure, evidence, and family codes.


Avoid physical and digital contact with the judge or associate judge hearing your case unless the other party and their attorney are present.


Send a copy of every legal pleading you file to the opposing lawyer or the other party if they are pro se.


Give notice of any court order that you will obtain to the opposing party’s attorney or the other pro se litigant.

Pro Se Family Law Pleadings for Individuals Without Lawyers

Family Court Direct is committed to providing professional legal document preparation services. When you turn to Family Court Direct, you will have a dedicated professional through our network assisting you with the completion of your family law documents. Our mission is to facilitate quality legal document preparation services in a variety of family court actions, such as divorce and paternity litigation, establishing child support and visitation, and modification of support orders and visitation.

With our network of experienced and professional legal document specialists, Family Court Direct is committed to excellence and dedicated to quality customer service.

Contact us today to begin moving forward.

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