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Making the decision to pursue legal action can be difficult and emotional. Here at Family Court Direct, we understand what you’re going through. As parents, we are committed to finding the best solutions for your family. Our network of legal professionals, can provide you with the opportunity to effectively establish a great environment for your child

We know the system, so you don’t have to learn it for the first time.

The court system can be confusing, intimidating and – above all – time consuming. For many people, high-priced legal representation is not an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Family Court Direct can be an affordable alternative to directly hiring a lawyer for document preparation help.


About Us

Here at Family Court Direct, we are committed to providing access to professional and affordable document preparation. Family Court Direct can provide a low-cost, low-stress, and well-organized solution to many of your family court related needs, including divorce, child support, custody & visitation, and more!

Family Court Direct’s network of legal professionals can help prepare your family court documents quickly and easily, while making sure you stay within your budget. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive, but going it alone can seem impossible.

Family Court Direct has a national network of legal professionals, including lawyers, paralegals, and legal document specialists. Family Court Direct’s network provides inexpensive legal document preparation to consumers who have initiated, or plan to initiate, family court proceedings.

Order in the Court
Cooperation is key!

Whenever possible, always try to be amicable with the other parent or guardian. If children are involved in your divorce, you will eventually need to hammer out a custody and visitation schedule that works for everyone involved, including your soon-to-be Ex. Child support can be tricky as well, and it’s always helpful if you strive to cultivate a cooperative atmosphere. All courts, regardless of the state you live in, prefer that parents or partners work out the details themselves. When the parties cannot come to an agreement, the court will get involved in order to protect the best interests of the child. Prior to taking any action, we encourage you to conscientiously and carefully consider your wants, needs and requirements. Details are crucial, and oversights can be costly.

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We are dedicated to providing access to professional, competent, and efficient legal services for consumers who need assistance with their family law needs. Family Court Direct is committed to excellence and a premium level of customer service. We are here to help facilitate the path forward for you and your family with affordable legal document services, self-help and access to independent legal professionals at your discretion.

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