Family law can be complicated.
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Family Law

Get the help and support you need to tackle family law issues.

Family Court Direct works directly with parents to minimize the stress of divorce, visitation, and child custody issues.  We provide the support and guidance you need to find a solution that will suit both parents and keep the emotional health of  you and your children intact.  If you’d like to avoid the courtroom, and are ready and willing to work with the opposing party, we can help you work through the details to define an arrangement that works for everyone.

Each family has its own dynamics and own issues that led to this point in time.  With the decision made to move forward on separate paths for each partner, it’s important to make sure the children will be able to have time with each parent and see a healthy, happy future for everyone.

You don’t have to pay high-priced attorney’s to find a solution that suits your needs.  Call us today and get the help and guidance to move forward.