Cancellation Policy - Family Court Direct

Cancellation Policy

The Initial Enrollment fee of $159 cannot be cancelled upon agreement of services. No refunds are permitted for the Enrollment fee which is $159 and includes 30 days of self-help resources. After the initial Enrollment fee, you will be automatically billed for self-help $39 monthly to the payment method provided every 30 days thereafter unless you cancel by calling Customer service at 888-274-1440 prior to the billing date. After the billing date, self-help charges are non-refundable. Member agrees that the fees for all FCD Service(s) rendered by Family Court Direct are incurred from the original date of contract and NOT upon final delivery of the Member’s documents. Once a Family Court Direct Legal Access Plan Agreement (the “Agreement”) is executed for Document Services, we begin case assignment and as the Member you are acknowledging that with the signing of the Agreement you are reserving the time of our professionals from other potential members, therefore causing our professional(s) to allocate their time accordingly based on your request for services. All charges for Document Services are non-refundable.